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Best Welcome Ever

2009-03-17 15:18:34 by IrisAngel

I would like to start by thanking everyone who has viewed and reviewed my first ever submission.

I was completely blown away by getting Daily Second Place, it's insane.

My next animation project will not commence until summer, because I have to revise for my GCSE's over the Easter holidays. I am utterly terrified. Spending every moment of my spare time on that animation probably wasn't the best way to assure the grades I want!

Thanks again, everyone.

Until the summer then!

Iris - xhxhxhx


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2009-03-17 15:45:25

Oh, didn't know that movie was yours :P
Congrats, you're off to a great start!

IrisAngel responds:

Hehe, thank you very much! :)


2009-03-17 16:27:10

I quite liked your flash. Can't wait for the next. :3

Good luck with the other stuff.

IrisAngel responds:

Thank you very much.


2009-03-17 17:16:52

Hi! I'm kind of old here on Newgrounds, but I saw your animation, and I thought it was amazing (I especially liked the style)! But I can't believe I have to wait until SUMMER for your next flash... :*(

Still, congratulations! :)

IrisAngel responds:

Thank you! Sorry, it's the annoyance of still being in full-time education, you see. XD


2009-03-17 18:00:41

i totally understand why....
i am working on my next flash, and this one is suppose to have animation...
it's not helping my grades at all.... -.-'
rock on~ XD

IrisAngel responds:

Eek, it's terrible isn't it! Good luck with your animation (and your grades!).


2009-03-17 18:43:21

Your flash was amazing! Can't wait to see your next project. And welcome to Newgrounds

IrisAngel responds:

Thank you very much indeed! :)


2009-03-18 00:14:20

I think I found you. Now I know its probably not a good time to ask for a request for an animation but your style is perfectly compared to the animation in my head. You see I have this animation in my head when I listen to this song, if your interested I would tell you. I kinda got like a story board or sketches of the animation too. After watching your submission twice I found that your character looks exactly like the one I keep seeing. I bet you'll do great here in NG, and make more flash! I hope you get good grades too!

IrisAngel responds:

I know exactly what you mean, I have a video in my head for every song in my music library.

Before I make any even vague commitments, could you PM me with details like the song name etc?


2009-03-18 00:31:29

Keep it up.


2009-03-18 17:44:26

i hope you do good on ur exams. great job on the flash best music flash ever. btw i love lostprophets and this is my favorite song


2009-03-18 21:51:38

I'll be honest and perhaps I'm in the minority here but i didn't like your movie at all.

Not too wild about your drawing style either.

Looks too animeish for my own tastes and good luck to you in the future.

IrisAngel responds:

Well, thanks for your honesty.

But I do not intend on changing my style. Only perfecting it.

Thanks anyway.


2009-03-19 19:59:30

wow, nine monts :P
I cant stay more than a month on a project :S ( that might be why i never finished any yet :P )
I really liked the animation. I will come back to see new animations this summer.
Good luck on your grades !


2009-03-23 13:39:13

Just thought I'd let you know that your animation is AWESOMESAUCE!
I really like her shoes and I'm a bit jealous that you were able to think of such a cool movie. ^_^ good luck in the future~


2009-03-23 18:11:58

you shouldn't be surprised, it was a great animation. Awesome artwork, differing characters, good screen play, very good all in all. good luck on future submissions.


2009-03-25 04:09:37

first animation was fantastic for somone of ur age! we can expect great things from you iam sure!


2009-03-26 20:38:44

that was an amazing flash and hello. i am a nice emo kid and i have to say good job leave my a message and can you make a video for a song i have.


2009-03-27 04:14:52

can always appreciate a good music video-er hehe. Good job doll^^


2009-03-27 17:35:15

Great Start! It Blew my mind! I'm sure that you will be very popular.


2009-04-02 12:14:02

I saw your movie, I thought it was brilliant. :3
Your off to a very good start, and I look fordward to your next animation!


2009-04-28 09:13:29

I gotta say - you're work is pretty cool